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link (2020-8-7 0:15:11)

feed Release of xmcontent version 0.21 (2016-8-20 4:10:00)
I am pleased to announce the release of strongxmcontent 0.21 final/strong!brbrstrongXmcontent /strongis a simple content module for XOOPS. This module allows create content pages. The main point on the module:br•Individual permissions for all•Keywords (SEO) per content•Description (SEO) per content•Header and footer Customizable on the module home•Selection xoops editor.brbrWhat's new in version 0.21:br•Use a css file personalized by content (you can add a custom css to a content).br•Use a template file personalized by content (you can add a custom template to a content).br•The XOOPS search is•A short description of the content is available on the module home pagebrbrThis is only the beginning, if you have suggestions for future versions is here:a href= rel=external title=suggestions/abrbrDownload: a href= rel=external title=Releases/abrBugs: a href= rel=external title=Issues/abrbrThe modules are optimized to run on the 2.5.8 version of XOOPS, but it works on 2.5.7.brbrspan style_=color: #CC0000;Important:/span The templates use Bootstrap, so you must use a Bootstrap theme, e.g. xBootstrap that comes with XOOPS 2.5.8br

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