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feed icon MyMenus 1.52 Final, with Drag Drop, Is Released (2016-9-13 10:50:00)
strongMyMenus 1.52 Final/strong for XOOPS 2.5.8+ and PHP 5.5+ (incl. PHP 7) has been released - this release fixes issues with static methods discovered by Goffy. brbrimg src='' border='0 ...
feed icon OnFocus 1.2, XOOPS premium theme (2016-8-28 18:31:53)
I'm very pleased to announce the availability of stronga href= rel=external title=OnFocus 1.2/a/strong, an advanced XOOPS strongpremium theme/strong.brbrstronga href= ...
feed icon Userlog 1.17 Alpha2 released for XOOPS 2.5.8 and PHP 7 (2016-8-28 18:30:00)
We are happy to announce the strongUserLog 1.17 Alpha 2/strong module for XOOPS 2.5.8 and PHP 7 brbrimg src='' border='0' alt='Original Image' onload=java_script:if(this.width700) t ...
feed icon MyMenus 1.51 Final, with Drag Drop, Is Released (2016-8-28 18:05:03)
Thanks to strongBleekk/strong and the a href= rel=external title=XOOPS Germany team/a, we have now Drag Drop incorporated into MyMenus Module.brbrIn the picture below, you can see the links as bars that you can drag around to s ...
feed icon Release of xmcontent version 0.21 (2016-8-20 4:10:00)
I am pleased to announce the release of strongxmcontent 0.21 final/strong!brbrstrongXmcontent /strongis a simple content module for XOOPS. This module allows create content pages. The main point on the module:br•Individual permissions for all conte ...
feed icon PingTrax 1.04 - Pingbacks +Trackbacks +Sitemaps (2016-8-20 3:00:00)
div style=text-align: center;img src='' border='0' alt='Original Image' onload=java_script:if(this.width200) this.width=200 /brstrongChronolabs Cooperative/strongbrbr... Presents ...brbrstrongPingTrax 1.04/str ...
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